Welcome to Smith County Medical Society



The Mission of the Smith County Medical Society is to promote and encourage the highest standards of ethical medical practice for the benefit of the community and to serve as an advocate for the physicians of the Smith County Medical Society in achieving this end.



Dr. Suman Kumar Sinha
2024 President
Smith County Medical Society

Board of Directors:

Dr. Suman Kumar Sinha, President
Dr. Li-Yu H. Mitchell, President-Elect
Dr. Lisa E. Allen, Vice-President
Dr. Evans S. Smith, Treasurer
Dr. Kyna Schreiber, Secretary


Dr. Lisa E. Allen
Dr. David A. Kummerfeld
Dr. Joseph T. Martins
Dr. Li-Yu H. Mitchell
Dr. Suman Kumar Sinha
Dr. Evans S. Smith

Alternate Delegates:

Dr. Jonathon Lewis Henderson
Dr. C. Noah Israel
Dr. Natalie Inge Johnson
Dr. Alfred D. Llave
Dr. Steven J. Lomax
Dr. Jennifer D. Newton

Board of Censors:

Dr. Lisa E. Allen
Dr. David A. Kummerfeld
Dr. Evans S. Smith





Angela Driggs

Executive Director
Phone: 903-593-7058



Julia Gardner

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 903-593-7058




In 2013 the Smith County Medical Society Board initiated the creation of the Smith County Medical Society Foundation, a vehicle to support physician programs and reinforce the legacy of the Society into the future. The SCMS Foundation launched the Legacy Building Campaign in 2018 to secure a permanent home for the Society offices. Other on-going projects that help to support the legacy, outreach and advancement of SCMS include Hard Hats for Little Heads, Be Wise Immunize, and the Physicians Wellness Program. In the spirit of philanthropy the Foundation’s efforts impact physicians individually and collectively, while fostering a healthy community.